In a world where women have more romantic options than ever, it’s important to be MEMORABLE.

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Women primarily experience attraction emotionally. If you want them to remember you, it’s crucial to make an EMOTIONAL IMPACT.

You could tick all of your dream woman’s logical boxes - perhaps you’re tall, dark, handsome and rich with a great singing voice - but if you can’t penetrate her emotions, you’ll struggle to excite her.

By following the 7 conversational tips below, you’ll learn how to take a woman on an emotional rollercoaster and become UNFORGETTABLE in her eyes.

Important: The Emotional Rollercoaster

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Women love the ups and downs of a budding romance. It excites them. It appeals to their feminine nature. They’d much prefer an emotional rollercoaster over a predictable courtship (at least in the early stages).

When a man is predictable, a woman won’t feel the ‘tingles’ for him. When she doesn’t know what’s coming next, she can’t help but stick around to find out.

If a woman’s emotional state was shown on a heart monitor, you’d want to incite as many positive and negative spikes as possible. Because if she flatlines, her attraction dies.

These tips will help you incite these emotional spikes and create the emotional rollercoaster that women crave.

1. Only Talk About Yourself, Her Or Both Of You

Everything else is just fluff. Avoid smalltalk about the weather, current affairs or the local sports team.

If you do talk about these third-party topics, at least relate it back to one of you. Ask her opinion or give yours. Without doing this, you’re not impacting…



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