8 Harsh Truths About Men That Most Women Don’t Understand

Joe Elvin
6 min readMay 24, 2023
Photo by Stephan Louis on Unsplash

Many women struggle with dating because they don’t understand men.

These 8 harsh truths of male psychology will help you connect better with your dream man and inspire him to commit to you.

1. Most Men Are Lonelier Than You Think

Ladies, have you ever seen a hot guy at the bar and wondered why he’d ever choose you?

Maybe you’ve told yourself that he probably has plenty of women vying for his attention.

Well, statistically, that’s unlikely to be true.

Men are lonelier than ever.

Data shows that the bottom 80% of attractive men on dating apps are basically getting NO ATTENTION.

And it’s not as if these guys are slaying in the real world either. In many cases, you might be the only woman interested in them right now.

Of course, that won’t always be true. Perhaps you’re chasing a top 10% guy who all the women in your city want.

But it’s worth understanding that a lot of good-looking guys have no romantic options at all.

2. Most Men Are Terrified To Talk To You



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